Redirect to the 'By Account' View When Clicking "Savings Goals" from the Accounts List (edited)

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This idea stems from a discussion awhile back. Currently, that I know of, there are two ways to get to Savings Goals.

  1. From the side Menu…
  2. From the Transaction's/Account List.

There are two views in the actual Savings Goal module...

Currently, both ways #1 & #2 link to "By Goal". I get that everyone will find different views useful; I myself tend to prefer "By Account".

I believe #1 should stay linked to "By Goal" and that #2 should be redirecting to "By Account".

My reasoning chances are good that if you're looking at the savings goal $'s under Transaction's/Accounts List, you are likely trying to figure out why there is a $___ available to spend or what the amount already spent was originally saved for. At this moment, you likely aren't as concerned with how much was saved in your other Savings Account ending in 4362.

Icing on the cake would be if clicking #2 would actually jump you to that specific account instead of having to scroll down…and having to unnecessarily burn calories!

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