How can I get Quicken to stop auto-categorizing transactions?

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I can't figure out how to get it to stop assuming giant retailers like Amazon or Walmart all are the same type of expense.


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    Hi @JesiO Your question indicates Quicken. This is the Simplifi by Quicken forum. Simplifi is a different product from Quicken though both are Quicken products. If your question is actually about Quicken and not Simplifi, you’ll want to go to the Quicken forum for your question.

    If your question is about Simplifi, my first thought is that you can create a rule to have Simplifi initially categorize these retailers however you want including, I think, "Uncategorized." There may already be a rule in your Settings>Payees & rules. If not this is where you can create a rule for how to categorize these payees.

    I figure I'm going to have to edit the category for a retailer like Amazon no matter what, but I have our Amazon purchases default to "General Expenses," one of my catchall categories, that captures most of what we purchase on Amazon. If the purchase is specific to another of my tracked categories I'll make the change accordingly.

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    What Danny says! This is exactly how I have all my big box store Payees set up in Simplifi, with a rule that automatically categorized them as “Uncategorized”.

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