What is the "usage" column on CSV export?

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I noticed CSV exports from Simplifi have changed recently. Split transactions now include tags fro individual portions of the transaction (YAY!) and there appears to be a new column for "usage." There was no data in this column for me, and I'm curious what it is meant to reflect and if it is necessary.



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    Hello @bcrossman,

    Thanks for posting your inquiry to the Community!

    I'm not sure what the "usage" column is intended for in the CSV export, however, I see that they also added some investing columns, such as "action" and "security", so I'm wondering if they didn't just add some columns that they intend to use for a future function. If nothing is in the "usage" column for you and you don't want it, I'd say that you can just remove it from your document. 🙂

    -Coach Natalie

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