Reconnect process doesn't work to link to existing accounts - workaround identified

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Good evening,

Several of my accounts have popped up saying there is a new method to connect. In the account listing, there is a message about this with a button to Reconnect:

Every time I tried to do this, it would go through the process fine the bank, then it would kick back to the Simplifi interface and present the list of accounts with the option to link them to existing accounts. I would click on the dropdown to show the existing accounts so I could choose my existing checking account and/or credit cards but none of the accounts would show - it only showed my manual accounts. I'd go back, click on the reconnect button that said there was a new method to connect and get the same result.

I then did the following on the web app:

I clicked on the three dot menu and chose "Reset Connection"

That popped up a dialogue to reconnect, but I closed that because it tries to reconnect using the old connection method.

I went all the way to the top of the account list and chose "+ Account"

I found the new institution name (in one case one was labeled Web Connect instead of PFM Direct)

I signed in, went through the same process to share my accounts with Quicken.

This time, when I clicked on the dropdown to choose the existing account to match it with, the accounts that I had done the "Reset Connection" on showed as options and I was able to complete the process.

The takeaway? Simplifi needs to improve the "Reconnect" process so that it first disconnects the existing connection so that the disconnected accounts will show up in the dropdown menu to choose an existing account to link the new account connection to.

If you have this same problem using Reconnect - make sure you choose "Reset Connection" from the menu and don't try to sign in again when it pops up to restore the connection. You have to go through the add account process and then link to the existing accounts. It's not very intuitive, but it works until they can fix this.

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