Simplifi doesn't exist in Spanish or other EU countries Apple Store

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Good evening! I have Spanish Apple Store on my iPhone and cannot download application because Simplifi is not there. Why you are not in Spanish store like many other US applications?

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    I believe @Coach Natalie has said that, at this time, Simplifi is a U.S.-only product, it does not (yet) support multiple currencies or languages.

    I imagine if it gets beyond it's "second beta" (it's a great app, but it's got a good share of flaws… For me it's actually usable now, as long as I know not to trust my Chase balances on days the bank is closed - weekends and holidays), then at that point I imagine it will have a wider release. It's actually a great app, just some quirks.


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    Many English speaking people live in Europe, also we have Ireland, UK, Australia….Quicken don't have to do anything, just give access to people download application from another countries.

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    @worten777 I wonder if there are regulatory issues that Quicken needs to address to release Simplifi in other countries. I have no idea what it takes to make an app like Simplifi available internationally. Do you know if Quicken by Quicken is available in your country?

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