Why does Simplifi exclude Canadian's from using this service?

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Hello, I have been using Simplifi for over a year and have found a lot of value with the product. Unfortunately, I didn't update my credit card information before the renewal and now payment is no longer being accepted. The payment screen only accepts U.S. based credit cards and since I don't have one, I cannot re-subscribe.

I believe the issue is that I reside in Canada. I realize this product is only available in the United States, but I have been using Simplifi since the beginning and I had no issues with having Simplifi sync with the Canadian banks. Given this, I am curious why Simplifi is excluding the Canadian market from their offereing?

Unfortunately, now, I can't access any of my spending patterns from past years and this year; so I have lost a lot of useful information.

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    Hello @brianv17,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback with the Community, although I'm sorry to hear of your experience with being unable to resubscribe and losing your Simplifi data.

    Although I'm not sure why Simplifi isn't supported outside of the U.S., the last I heard is that there are no plans to do such. Please feel free to check back in with us periodically, however, as this may change down the road. You might also consider checking out our Quicken Canada products!


    -Coach Natalie

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