Apple Shortcuts Integration

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I know Simplifi is big on linking accounts and importing transactions, but for those like the Apple Card and others that work with Apple Wallet, this will give users a way to have transactions added.

Obviously a little photoshop with the screenshots.

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  • reebs26
    reebs26 Member

    Can you explain how to get started on this? I don't know where to begin. (Or are you telling Simplifi how to create a workaround for us?)

  • pawebb
    pawebb Member ✭✭✭✭

    The integration between Shortcuts and Simplifi currently does not exist. The ask is to have Simplifi add the integration. This would allow iPhone users that use Apple Pay a way to quickly add transactions for accounts that do not link to Simplifi like the Apple Card.

  • PeteTheGolfer

    I would also like Simplifi to support Apple shortcuts. I frequently want to list all unreviewed transactions. This would be much simpler using a shortcut.

  • krsoundtek

    Would be nice if the Simplifi iOS app supported the shortcuts features in iOS 17. That would allow a quick way to add transactions and the potential to setup automation to add transactions immediately following the use of the Apple Card or any other card used through the Wallet.