Add a Spending Plan Report for Trends and "What If" Scenarios [edited] (3 Merged Votes)

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Add options to spending plan for Frequency i.e. Credit Card Annual fees, annual subscriptions, 6-Months Car Insurance policies. I would like to be to break it down by seeing my see my annual fees/month...

Also, add a Report to show trends in certain categories and projections if adjustments are made... i.e. If I lower restaurants to $50 what is my annual savings?


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Our Product Team plans to add a 12-month view to the Spending Plan, with the ability to forecast, see trends, and access a "what if" tool!


  • Coach Tappan
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    @Ciarroni Thanks for the suggestions. These are both great ideas. We've had a few of our users asking for the ability to view spending by other intervals besides monthly totals. Your post will give them a chance to vote to add this feature.

    You may be able to do some of the kinds of projections you mentioned in your second suggestion using Simplifi's Spending Watchlists. When you create a Watchlist to track specific categories, tags, or payees, and enter a monthly "spending target," you can see bar charts that show how much over, or under, that target you've gone in previous months, to help you modify that target. But separate interactive reports in the Insights section that allow you to model annual expenses would also be helpful.

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    Hello @Ciarroni,

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    I've found an existing Idea post requesting that annual/bi-annual expenses be broken down to a monthly amount in the Spending Plan that can be voted on here:

    With that being said, I have edited this Idea post to include the request for a Spending Plan Report only. :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
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    Could this planned idea help with what if scenarios for projected cash flow using planned spending?

    Related idea is here

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