The Upcoming section got a makeover!

Coach Natalie
Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin

The Upcoming section is new and improved with some big upgrades that are now in Early Access! In addition to the changes that were made to the Upcoming > Cash Flow page and the addition of the "All Recurring" tab in the Upcoming section that were implemented a couple of months ago, you can now do all kinds of new things with the Upcoming Overview.

First, you can now filter the page by date ranges. The date range selection will be what determines the Reminders that are shown, and you will also see a summary based on these Reminders. You can even sort how the Reminders are displayed!

You'll also see a new "All past due" section that will make it super easy to review your past due Reminders, and the calendar at the top right is now interactive, so you can hover over the dates to see your Reminders for that day.

The Mobile App received some enhancements too! In addition to the items that were outlined above, the Mobile App now also has a "Cash Flow" tab and an "All Recurring" tab. You can even search your Recurring Series list, as well as view each type of Series, just like the Web App!

We're hoping that these enhancements bring a lot more value to the Upcoming section, and we'd love to hear your feedback! Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment here.

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