Weekly Tracking for Watchlists, Spending Plan, Reports (edited)

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I'd like to be able to track expenses and income on a weekly basis, and define when a week begins and ends (e.g. Friday - Thursday). This would apply to Watchlist items as well as Reports and the Spending Plan. Watchlists only allows monthly tracking; weekly and perhaps bi-monthly and quarterly would also be useful.

Reports do have a "Custom" date range but it only allows for a specific date range. Instead, could you offer up This week, Last Week, etc. with respect to my definition of a week?

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  • Coach Tappan
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    That's a great idea! We'll submit the idea of enabling other time periods for expense tracking -- like weekly, bimonthly, and quarterly, as you suggested -- to our development team, to see if they can be added. Please continue to use the Simplifi Community to let us know pf other questions, suggestions, or problems! We're counting on our early users to help us improve the program.

  • paleosteve
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    Thanks, Coach!