Can we expect a permanent solution for the Fidelity problems? (edited)


Fidelity fails to connect, and some of the discussions related to this problem go back to May! I have no problem accessing the Fidelity website, however Simplifi will not connect (with 105 error). I saw the "workarounds", can we expect a permanent solution?


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  • Coach Blake
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    @skyline_01 Hi there! Fidelity is in the process of moving to their own API connection so they aren't fixing existing errors at this time but once the new connection is set live we anticipate a smoother experience for customers. Fidelity will more than likely continue to block third-party applications like us at the opening and closing of the market each day but outside of that we are hopeful!

    @algoguy I am truly sorry to hear that this is the sentiment we have given you. Our team is currently working with Venmo on the error to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

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    What I’ve learned from the Venmo issues that started last week is that the level of confidence you can have this will be fixed should be zero.[removed - accuracy]. If this data is critical in any way, you should probably find another app. There are plenty of these issues that have gone unfixed for over a year.

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