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It's purple with lavender accents! Colorful LOL. I do like the new logo/icon with the Purple Q. And I like the subtle name change.

I will admit that I never cared for the old icon. I had to jump through some hoops with my Safari Web App, but I got the new icon showing in the Mac Dock now.

Edit: The new icon now shows up automatically in Mac App. Oh, and I notice that Quicken is now Quicken Classic. I guess they didn't want to go with Quicken Complicate. It has the new icon except in red. 😀

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  • DannyB
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    The new logo certainly caught me by surprise. I thought

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  • Coach Blake
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    @SRC54 Thank you for the great feedback on our rebranding. We did start to make changes yesterday in preparations for the new year.

    Thank you,

    Coach Blake

  • nicko
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    Disappointing rollout of these changes. No announcement. Hard to understand why the design team would go this route with the color scheme. If this is purely for accessibility purposes and trying to achieve a better color contrast ratio why not solicit the community for feedback.

  • SRC54
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    Yes, it was rather surprising although we did get an email and video from CEO about new icon/logo, which I like a lot. I guess they wanted to get away from red (too negative?) in the spending bars so they went with a purplish blue. I didn't think about accessibility. It was jarring the first time I saw it, but I am already used to it.

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