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Twice in the last week I've run into an issue with my future cashflow showing in the very negative direction. I've realized the reason for it is transactions not downloading from my bank. Simplifi grabs and updates my bank account balance right away, but fails to get all of the already posted transactions from the bank.


Say I have a balance at my bank of $500 after all posted transactions (no pending transactions).

My upcoming bills show I have a $900 car payment, $250 insurance payment, and $80 internet bill.

These bills already came out of my bank leaving me with $500, but Simplifi sees them as needing to come out AFTER I was down to $500. Simplifi in this example would show my future balance as -$730 but in reality I still have the full $500.

I've read of a few people having similar issues and seemingly there is no fix for it. I am about to look at other products as I can't accurately project my cash flow with this inaccuracy.


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    @cnjpepper, thanks for posting!

    I'm sorry to hear that you're running into this issue in Quicken Simplifi. This sounds like what @RobWilk reported here with Chase over the weekends. Are you seeing the issue with Chase as well, or is it a different bank? Also, have you tried changing the 'Balance with Pending' setting for the account to see if it helps anything, by chance?


    Please let us know so we can best assist!

    -Coach Natalie

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    I agree - With Chase that was happening for me on the weekend, and in the early morning (say pre-7am ET) or late evening (say after 8pm ET) (but the hours i don't know for sure yet). If it matters, Chase has told me "they can look into this for me," and I haven't heard back in about a month. I did a $10 test transaction this weekend to confirm it was still not working right.

    If your issue is with Chase, you may want to also reach out to Chase support on this. They are updating the bank balance (outside of certain hours/days) but not the transactions.

    Rob Wilkens

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