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I'm not having any luck setting up reoccurring bills. I've tried several times with my Amex account and it eventually times out.

Also, I'm trying to add my Citi Double Cash Visa in the reoccurring bills and that is not shown in the connect to an account section. I also can't Chase either in the account section. Please advise.

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  • RobWilk
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    Do you mean setting up reocurring bills manually or linking billers?

    If linking billers, I've also had no success connecting billers.

    If manual recurring bills, just do the following (based on web app):

    -Click settings on left menu

    -Click "All Recurring"

    -Click "Add" then "Add Manually"

    -Fill in Name, Recurring amount, next date, frequency, (optionally end date), Account money comes from, Category (*if transfer to another account, include that account name from under transfer category)

    -Click Create

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    Yep, I initially set up billers, and some work; others are iffy. I finally just disconnected AT&T as it always needed to be redone. They send me emails anyhow when the bill is ready.

    I've never tried setting up credit cards. I tend to pay those off weekly anyhow, so I have no recurring transactions set up for them.

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  • Coach Natalie
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    @WSGRunner, I think quite a few of the major credit card companies aren't currently supported for Bill Connect, unfortunately. I know Capital One, Citi, and Chase are not. For American Express, they may be in the same boat, but since you're actually able to make a connection with them in Quicken Simplifi, I'd suggest giving it another try outside of peak hours to see if you can get past the time-out issue. Let us know how it goes, please!

    In the meantime, as @RobWilk mentioned, you can create a Recurring Series without linking it to the Biller; our support article here has more details.

    -Coach Natalie

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