Mobile Release 4.12.0

Coach Natalie
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Hello All,

Here are the issues and features we were able to tackle with the 4.12.0 Mobile Release:

  • FIXED: Savings Goals do not show contributions correctly on the details page under certain conditions.
  • FIXED: 'Price' is not being treated as a required field when creating a Buy Bonds Investment Transaction.
  • FIXED: Unable to scroll the Category list when editing a Category Rule on Android.
  • FIXED: The 'Create' button is misaligned when creating a Transaction Rule on Android.
  • FIXED: Unable to update the 'Price Per Share' on manual Holdings.
  • FIXED: Unable to unlink an account after linking it to an existing account on the Add Account page.
  • FIXED: UI issue when deleting a newly created Recurring Series.
  • FIXED: Nothing happens when clicking the dot while selecting a Category for a transaction/selecting a Category takes multiple clicks.
  • FIXED: The transaction list is missing the Recurring icon.
  • FIXED: The 'Expiring Subscription' message is square and needs to be rounded.
  • FIXED: Filtering by Flag is not working for the Net Worth Report.
  • FIXED: Not redirected back to the Upcoming page after deleting a Recurring Series directly from Upcoming.
  • FIXED: Various errors and crashes.

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Thank you!

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