You guys need to do better

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this is ridiculous. i am getting sick and tired playing tester for your products. The cash flow function, one of the most important of the software, is broken. How about you test this stuff before GA release.


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    I can understand your frustrations. I am a huge advocate for this product and am currently using it with 4 different people to help them learn to budget and think of money differently. I was a quicken user for over two decades, so I was excited to see some of quicken thinking brought into a web version.

    But recently and I don't know what it is or even how to put my finger on it, but the product has become extremely unstable. As of today, I had to delete all the investment accounts I had because somehow when my transfers were happening it would literally delete the bills from the spending plan. (yes, I am aware of the exclude from spending plan feature, it wasn't that)

    When I took a deeper look, I think (could be wrong) but I see they are adding some features to the investment section (marked beta) that now it was matching some things, and it broke some stuff I assume.

    That's not to be confused with reminders not working properly and doing different things at different times. Also, there is a few other new bugs that just make the software a little untrustworthy.

    Some of these bugs make me scratch my head and ask, "Do they use the product themselves?"

    I'm not going to work with their support because I feel at times I know more about the product. (Some of the people on this forum excluded because they are helpful but unfortunately, they are not the ones answering the chat.) Every time it's the same thing with support. They don't know or send pictures. Some of these issues are even hard to explain without spending some time showing how it is reacting to certain scenarios. The software was in a decent spot about 3 months ago, but something has changed, and I feel like I'm in a beta again. Not sure if it's something they are doing on the back end with adding features because I know in a lot of ways portions are this software are linked together by transactions and it can cause one break in any of them to create a chain reaction.

    I would gladly help and do a screen share with someone at the company that could actually make change but I'm not going to waste my time of screenshots when the software behaves differently multiple times doing the same thing.

    I will continue to use the software and still recommend it but right now due to the bugs it has been stripped back for my use cases. Most likely it will clear itself up in the next couple of months.

    AND…… Rant over !!!

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    @Pmrussell892 Your point would probably have a lot more weight if you explained what it is about the Cash Flow Report is broken, rather than just making a general statement. I can think of a few things I wish it would do (remember what accounts I've selected to be displayed, show account balance taking Savings Goals into account) but those aren't things that are broken - they are just design decisions I'd like to see changed.

    I'm not aware of anything actually "broken" in the Cash Flow Report.

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    As far as I can tell (I don't know what isn't working for you), the Cash Flow button is working fine for me.

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    I agree with Josh's comment about the product being in a decent spot 3 months ago, but something has changed. The menu is very difficult to read and use, I no longer have the ability to hide closed accounts (a great feature) and I have not been able to use Venmo for a month now. This will be the 4th account I have had to make manual as it is easier than trying to provide all the screenshots, etc to get their aggregator working properly. A couple more accounts go manual, and I may as well switch back to Excel. I am still an advocate for Simplifi and the potential is there. But I agree with the original poster, they need to do better.

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    In my case, I cannot UNHIDE closed accounts. I had selected to hide closed accounts prior to the feature going away, and now those accounts are 'permanently hidden' (until they decide to bring the feature option back).

    I don't have a problem with the menu being difficult (have you tried adjusting your zoom level in or out?), and i don't happen to use venmo (though i'm wondering if i should).

    I only have one account (with no balance) that is manual, and that is TD Samsung Financing.

    Rob Wilkens

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    yeah - it's the Quicken overall software culture - [removed - accuracy] - with Quicken desktop you can see it in the lack of conformity in overall design - things are developed or acquired from some provider and just "bolted together".

    Was hoping that Simplifi would be different - but appears to be a rehash of the Quicken WEB or Mobile App - but for a different and much simpler audience…. basically a checking & budgeting application -
    Tried it when first released…. didn't continue - just started again to see if anything has changed - ….. not really - but taking notes -

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