Add support for tracking crypto cold wallet addresses

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I would like to be able to add my crypto cold wallet addresses to Simplifi so that I can automatically track their balances (in both crypto quantity and USD) and link transfers from online exchanges like Coinbase and Robinhood.

This would complete the transfer picture of Checking Account > Coinbase/Robinhood > buy BTC/ETH/etc > transfer to cold wallet

This could also be used to track hot wallets on exchanges that are not supported directly in Simplifi.

Each coin has a public block explorer that can be used to aggregate the data and pull into Simplifi.

Right now, I have added my crypto holdings as manual accounts and I manually add transactions whenever I buy or sell crypto. This is very tedious when I have weekly automatic crypto purchases scheduled

This would also be used to track cost basis and gains/losses if Simplifi ever implements those features for stocks

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  • yes or maybe integrate with cointracker. Something automatic because the manual update is too cumbersome

  • Plus 1 to this!

    Lots of easy ways to do this integration any of them would be appreciated!

  • Yes please, add this ASAP.

    It would be great if you can just add the wallet address (no matter hot, cold or whatever) and then Simplifi can just read directly all the information.

  • htrow
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    +1 to this

  • birbyb
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    +1 as well