Morgan Stanley StockPlan Connect showing one day old balances

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Morgan Stanley StockPlan Connect ( ) account shows 1-day old balance on Simplifi. Basically if I open the Simplfi app say on Saturday, it will show me the balance from Thursday end-of-day. Logging into the account (through the Login link shared above) shows the correct balance inside the account, so this seems like an issue with how Simplifi scrapes the balance from the account.


  • Coach Natalie
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    @Construct5292, thanks for reaching out!

    According to our help article here, investment data is updated as follows:

    • Holdings Info in Connected Investment Accounts: Shares and Prices are updated automatically for connected Investment Accounts during nightly aggregation, however, this information can potentially be updated every four hours.
    • Mutual Funds: Mutual Fund Prices are updated daily at the close of the market; until that time, Mutual Fund Prices are quoted at the closing price for the previous day.
    • Holdings Info in Manual Investment Accounts: Manual Holdings information gets updated automatically during nightly aggregation as long as a valid ticker symbol is used.
    • All Other Calculations (such as Total Value, Change, etc.): This information is provided by our Investing Service Provider and updates whenever new information becomes available.

    Does this seem to align with what you're seeing? Please let us know so we can best assist!

    -Coach Natalie

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