having a very hard time getting started

edited December 2023 in Feedback
  1. i can't connect to my fidelity roth ira, vanguard roth ira, discover card, or mortgage account.
  2. I have to manually enter my house and car values.
  3. The app thinks everything is a bill, and I really don't like that they make "bills" a separate category to show me what i have leftover after bills are paid.
  4. it sets up achievement/goals that I don't even have for myself? I don't need some ai telling me what goals i need.
  5. the ui is just confusing and has a lot.
  6. there's no way to compare months.
  7. i had to sign up for the year and it looks like the process to get a refund is pretty hard. I've cancelled it, so i won't get renewed next year, but that initial $35 is lost.
  8. i'm getting like 4/5 emails a day.



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