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It appears my 401k institution,, is not available to connect.

I'm having a time of setting up a manual account and entering transactions.

Any suggestions?


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  • Thanks for the reply, Coach.

    Yes. I set up a 401k account like in the screengrab in your answer.

    I entered a few Payment/Deposit type transactions. Nothing was being generated in the Balance, Performance, etc. tabs.

    Is there a section in the Help Center with guidance on how to enter contributions, loan payments, gain/loss, etc.? I looked but haven't found anything yet.

    Thank you!

  • Coach Natalie
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    @bkt2112, thanks for posting back!

    To clarify, Investment Transactions are completely separate from the Investments Portfolio. The Transactions are designed to be a behind-the-scenes type of setup so users can track transfers to and from their investment accounts, etc.

    For an accurate Portfolio Value/account balance, you'd want to enter holdings or cash in the account:

    Let us know if this helps to clarify things for you!

    -Coach Natalie

  • That helps a little.

    Without a direct sync to, how would I enter:

    • Daily gains or losses
    • Loan payments
    • Employee/Employer contributions
    • etc


    Also, what is the process for getting Simplifi to add a new account type,

  • Coach Natalie
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    @bkt2112, some of those items may not be supported in Quicken Simplifi's Investments Portfolio. The Portfolio allows you to enter/track holdings and cash and gives you day-change values based on the current market stats when a valid ticker symbol is used. The above article I linked (click here) goes over investment tracking in Quicken Simplifi.

    However, if you'd like to track these kinds of items behind the scenes, you can enter them as Investment Transactions. I'm not sure what particular investing actions to recommend for the Investment Transactions, but there's quite a list to choose from:

    Lastly, I went ahead and split off one of your comments and created a request for last week:

    You don't need to do anything further to request the missing bank, but I do suggest following the Idea post for future updates.

    Let us know if you have additional questions!

    -Coach Natalie

  • Thank you!

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