1:1 map a Savings Goal to an account (edited)

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It would be great to set up a Savings Goal to 1:1 map to an account without having to worry about recurring transactions or manual "transfers".

Mint had this and it's sorely missed.

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  • Coach Paco
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    @timmyc123 Great suggestion!

  • UrsulaA
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  • Tony Kirk

    Good idea, but Mint allowed many accounts linked to one goal which I would prefer.

  • aolafsson
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    Agreed. I'm not planning to manually enter & reconcile all transactions coming in and out of accounts for savings goals. I need the auto-detect balance/progress. For now, I've deleted my Savings Goals, manually entered the aggregate amount in my Savings Plan as custom, and will see my savings account balances in the account list and have my goal in my head. I'm bummed that I can't really use savings goals at all, between this and it not being able to link more than one account to the goal.

  • TDStein99

    I agree! One of the main reasons I chose Simplifi, was automated tracking of multiple aspects of my finances. Manually entering deposits and withdrawals defeats the purpose. I have several Capital One 360 savings accounts with automated monthly withdrawals. I love the idea of linking multiple accounts to one savings goal, but just linking one account to one Savings Goal would be a great start. I’ve been loving Simplifi and I hope this will be considered for a future update.

  • nsnipes

    +1 vote

  • tobyN
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    I will vote for anything that improves the functionality of Savings Goals!

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  • SuperSolidSam

    I'd love this!

  • RobWilk
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    So, the idea of this is to just set a goal balance for an account?

    Rob Wilkens

  • jeffe49
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    Mint.com had this feature, and it was super useful & very simple to set up.

    Basically you set a target dollar amount, and select one or more linked accounts that you want to include in that tracking. The goal would take the total aggregated balance from those accounts & compare that to the goal you set. No contribution setting, it would just track the balance against your goal.

    My use case: I'm trying to keep track of how much money I have for a house down payment. That is spread between a couple accounts: two different savings accounts, and a few brokerage accounts. It's annoying to have to do the math every time I look, it would just be nice to see one dollar amount that includes any linked account I have chosen.