Workaround for Roth IRAs not downloading in Simplifi

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Create a new manual account

Name it whatever you wish and make account type either Roth IRA or Brokerage depending on where you want the account entry to show up in your list.

From main page select your new manual account. On Holdings page select Add and start adding your Roth IRA holdings. Enter symbol, name, and number of shares.

Your Roth IRA should now update as expected.


  • ps56k
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    interesting idea - but of course just gives you the current market value of your holdings -
    and NOT any transactions actually executed in your actual account - buy, sell, div, int, - those need to be entered manually -

  • A better workaround was posted today in Reddit..

    1. Rename your account name at the institution holding your Roth account and eliminate "Roth" from the name
    2. Try adding that account again from Simplifi..

    It worked for my Fidelity and Etrade Roth accounts. Someone else can chime in if it also works for Vanguard.

  • ps56k
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    posted in other threads here on forum

    Just tried it wi Fidelity - it works

    Can’t do it with Vanguard, as you can’t rename your accounts on Vanguard website

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