Ability to visualize my data using a Sankey diagram (edited)

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I would love the ability to visualize our data using a Sankey diagram. They are visually appealing and a quick way to ingest a lot of data rather quickly. I have posted a picture below for those who are not familiar with the Sankey diagram. See below:

It would be awesome to see within the monthly summary, across various reports, and within the dashboard. I am curious to receive opinions on this.


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  • BMD
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    I agree, this would be a nice feature add!

  • Pchamb1998
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    @BMD It's would be a nice to have feature. It's not necessary by any means, but it would be a differentiating feature. It would also eliminate an arguing point for [removed] since they are using it against simplifi since they offer it.

  • jason c
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    Gotta say…that Sankey diagram from [removed] makes it easy for my brain to easily grasp the magnitude of the various cash flows. It's the biggest single thing that's making it hard for me to decide between the two.

  • JNL
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    Also looking to have this feature added. Super powerful visual of spend and savings. [removed] has it, hope to see it here in Simplifi soon

  • JR35683

    I'm duel-wielding Simplifi and Monarch at the moment. I was initially put off by Simplifi's spending plan but it clicked and I think it makes a lot of sense to compartmentalize Bills and Subscriptions like that.

    The killer feature Monarch has for me though is the Snakey diagram which also just makes immediate sense to me and I'd love to see it over in Simplifi as well.

    It's going to be a hard choice between the two when it comes time to drop one… but it would be a lot easier if Simplifi had a Snakey!

  • UrsulaA
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    Good news! Your idea already exists and has 13 votes. Check it out.

    [removed link to merged thread]

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  • thelearner

    Huge +1. This is surprisingly a pretty strong edge that the competitor has over Simplifi, can we bridge the gap?

  • WatchWater
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