Allow debits in Investment Transactions

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Use case: Manually tracking 401k in Investments Portfolio. Currently, can only add money in Investment Transaction.
Adding debit transactions allows for accurately tracking ups and downs.



  • Coach Natalie
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    @bkt2112, thanks for posting!

    I went ahead and moved this out of feature requests, as it sounds like what you're looking for is already offered in Quicken Simplifi. To start, you mentioned that you're manually tracking the account in the Investments Portfolio, however, your request is for Investment Transactions; Investment Transactions don't impact your Portfolio Value in any way.

    For Investment Transactions, you can enter debits or decreases in value. You'd want to use the appropriate investing action, such as a Buy or a Sell, or you can use the 'Payment/Deposit' option to put a cash transaction in the account. If you're looking to change the value of a manually tracked investment account in the Investments Portfolio, you'd do so by adding and/or editing the holdings or cash that are held in the account.

    Please let us know if this gives you what you're looking for!

    -Coach Natalie

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