Dashboard Banking should merge Checking and Savings, break out credit card balances

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I find it frustrating how the Simplifii dashboard displays accounts under banking in the following order:

Cash & Checking

There should be an option to customize this view. I would suggest:
Checking & Savings

Credit should be its own category. It's unhelpful and confusing to have the credit balances between checking and savings.

Currently the Simplifii dashboard doesn't sum the Checking and Savings balances. That's a useful number to indicate how much cash is available. Those figures now must be summed manually.

I was surprised this option doesn't already exist. I learned this after a half hour of texting via the help tool. Also surprised that a work-around wasn't offered.



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    Simplifi’s account list does give you a total of available cash - it’s listed right next to "Banking". This figure tells us our actual cash available in all banking accounts minus all reported expenses including those carried on credit cards that remain to be paid for.

    The logic of this listing, for me, is that checking and credit cards are typically our everyday spending/expense accounts and savings accounts are holding accounts and not typically used for everyday spending/expenses. Since Simplifi is less an accounting app and more focused on planning and tracking so that the user is 1. not overspending in a given month and 2. has $x.xx available after all required spending is accounted for the rest of the month. The "what's available" in the Spending Plan corresponds to the "what's available" in the accounts list.

    In my mind and experience, this way of listing and reporting banking accounts fits within the Simplifi ecosystem perfectly.

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