Let Me Categorize and Organize My Accounts List However I Like [edited] (10 Merged Votes)

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Let me categorize and group my accounts however I like. I've got 60+ linked now. Some of my 'checking' accounts are really used for savings. One of my investment accounts is used as a cash/checking account. Maybe I want to separate my accounts from my spouses. Pretax vs. Post tax, etc. I would like to add one of my checking accounts to my credit cards list so I can keep that group of accounts with a positive balance. Some accounts are important, others not so much, etc.

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  • Coach Paco
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    @barryh Great suggestion! You actually have the option to change the type of account you have in Simplifi so you can customize your accounts a bit more if you'd like. Depending on if you are looking at the mobile app or on the website, you would need to navigate to the manage/settings option, should be a gear icon for both, and go to your accounts. From that page, you'll be able to change the type of account that it is. So if you wanted to make your checking account to appear as a credit card account, you can.

  • barryh
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    I wasn't sure if you did anything with the account type setting. Seems like if you added something specific for an account type, this might mess it up. It works, but seems like a workaround. I also put a space in front of it's name so that it went to the top of the list alphabetically. It will do for now. Hope this makes the feature list for real.

  • kendra42
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    Right now if something is categorized in an investment subaccount you can only change it to another investment account type. I would like the ability to categorize an account however I want. Right now I have an insurance bill listed as a brokerage account when it should be under debt or another category but certainly not investments.

  • Coach Paco
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    @kendra42 Great suggestion!

  • PomSimpCommty
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    I'd like to request a way I can create folders to group accounts the way I want. Right now, the default is Banking and Property/Debt. For instance, I'd like a folder called Auto Loans and one called Family and another called Mom.

  • wallywanna
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    I would like to be able to classify a money market' account at my bank to "investment" as an example.
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    I use an account at Fidelity, that provides check writing privileges, to pay bills and receive paycheck deposits. It does everything I used to use a bank account for. I would like to recategorize this specific Fidelity account as a cash (or bank) account, so that I can track transactions and get all the features that are currently available in Simplifi for bank accounts.
  • Arun
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    This is not a big deal but it would be nice if my account list in Dashboard and Transactions was sortable. I am sure lots of people would prefer to see it in ascending or descending order of balance. Right it seems to be the order in which the accounts were added which is not that useful 
  • SRC54
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    My wife has a state retirement account to which we contribute and all we see are cash contributions and annual interest so I put it as an Asset account but would like it be a Retirement account.  But I need transactions, which right now we cannot do with Retirement Accounts, Investment accounts in Simplifi.

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  • Ulysses
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    You can already change accounts from checking account types to savings account types.

    Why can't you change certain investment account types (for example Money Market Funds) into savings account types?

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  • DannyB
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    @Ulysses  My guess is because investment accounts aren’t typically thought of as not being as liquid as saving accounts.  Can you change this money market account from Investment to Bank account and then as a savings account?
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  • I have a true Brokerage - Investment account that I personally use solely for "Savings" purposes, because of that i do not include it under my "Investments" category. Because of that I would like to have the option to customize the account type of any account to be able to categorize it elsewhere if needed. Like in this example. I understand that the Simplifi system pulls the initial data from the Institution which is what give it the category, but why are we not allowed to change that for special situations like this? I know it can be done because similar apps allow that as a feature but Simplifi lacks that amount of customization. Could we please have this added? I know i cannot be the only one and this is just one situation but there could be many more.
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    Hi @ajbrensike, Happy New Year.

    I think this is the same idea being voted on [removed self-referencing link to merged thread].  You may want to add your vote there as well if it's the same as what you are proposing here.
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  • joeycjohn
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    A simple yet visually pleasing would be to allow custom reordering of sections and subsections as a user pleases. Additionally, there are a few sections and subsections that aren't applicable to me or I don't find them helpful and as a result, they just add extra clutter to an already overwhelming box of numbers. For example, I personally don't have anything to add to the property field, and having that section there is just a visual distraction. Additionally, If I set up a Simplfi Savings Goal within one of my accounts I would prefer to not have a bunch of cluttering subsections underneath with the savings goal number and the available balance number so being able to hide and unhide that would be awesome.
  • calebsw
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    We should be able to create categories for account types the same way that we can create categories for transactions. It's that simple. It's incredibly annoying that we're limited to whatever some developer's manager came up with in a meeting without actually understanding how people will be using the product 🙄
  • cw12
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    On the accounts overview on the left side of the dashboard, Banking assets are split into their sub-categories (Checking, Savings, Other Banking). However, all "Credit" accounts (Credit Cards, Lines of Credit, Other Credit) are consolidated into the "Credit" category. I would like to be able to see this split up

  • FutureEye
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    when we show credit cards in the accounts view, the sort order matters. Currently it is done alphabetically. This needs to change by highest debt for credit. Highest retirement under retirement etc

  • CatBot
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    I would also find this very helpful, although I suspect the ideal solution would be to allow us to choose alphabetical by name or highest to lowest debt

  • FutureEye
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    agreed @CatBot

  • dariusz65
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    I recently migrated from Mint and I'd like see Simplifi combine Saving and Checking accounts into a separated group. I'd like to see total cash I have available. Currently both account types are separated by Credit cards.

  • RobWilk
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    I voted for this. In my case, i only have one checking account and one savings account, and it seems silly (for me) for them to be in separate groups.

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  • I'd like to be able to add my own custom account types. I have joint accounts with my father and daughter that I want to see, but I don't want them to be combined with my other account balances. For now I have set them to "Other Banking", but that puts them all in the same spot where I'd rather be able to separate them further into my fathers and daughters accounts.

    I'd also like the ability to re-order the categories and accounts as I see fit. I don't like that Cash &Checking and Savings are separated by Credit.

    Visually it would really help if the font size of each category was much larger than they account names. It gets a little hard to easily see where the separation is between account types when the only visual difference is a little triangle next to the category.

  • Philk
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    This suggestion exemplifies one I submitted, check it out HERE

    As a new user of Simplifi after nearly 40 years using Quicken Desktop, I'm a little disappointed seeing good ideas like this one fall on deaf ears and not implemented after 3.5 years of suggestion. But here I am seeking the best financial management tool after trying many others, such as Mint, Empower, Rocket Money, MoneyDance, and YNB. Everyone of them has something good to offer, and falls short as well.

    I think Simplifi has an opportunity here to be what Quicken Classic once used to be. (Great) But they need to respond to what the customer wants.


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  • Tomasu
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    Simple sorting & filtering options for the dashboard and transactions account list would be nice.

    Couple of scenarios I would find useful:

    • hide, filter, or group accounts with 0 balance from dashboard list (e.g. long unused credit cards)
    • sort by balance inside existing groups (moving most used accounts up top)

  • It would be nice to be able to rearrange the dashboard account lists. Being able to move the credit accounts below the savings and investment accounts would be beneficial to keeping all asset accounts separate from liability accounts.

  • UrsulaA
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    This idea is already open. Vote for it here.

    [removed link to merged thread]

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  • I would like for the Account Types and Grouping to be customizable much like the Categories. For Accounts like HSAs though technically a checking account, I would like to be able make the type HSA and group them separately from our regular "Cash & Checking". A bonus would be allowing sorting so I don't have to be creative with my account/group names.

  • ajbopp
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    An option for your HSA is to make it "Other Banking" (you can do this in Settings → Accounts). That would at least move it out of "Cash & Checking."

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  • krubinow
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    Presently, the Dashboard lists Checking, Savings, and Credit cards as Bank Accounts, which totals up to how much more or less money you have than credit card balances. However, to me, Checking/Savings should be listed separately from Credit Cards, so that I can just see how much money I have in the bank, total, regardless of Credit Card balances, and so that I can see my total Credit Card balances, separate from checking/savings balances.