Only default view accounts in Wells Fargo are recognized and imported

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I have multiple Wells Fargo account under the same login, but they are under different names: my business, my kids' co-owned accounts, and my own. They are all conveniently available under one Wells Fargo login. But SImpilifi can only recognize the ones in WF's default view.

I found a workaround - I change the default view to different accounts to make simplifi recognize those accounts and import. But once I did that, the other accounts that are already imported will have red exclamation. So basically simplifi can only keep some WF accounts synced.

How do I fix this issue?

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    It sounds like in your situation you have different accounts under different "ownerships." Perhaps if you had each set of accounts set up with separate login credentials at Wells Fargo you could add each set of WF accounts under these separate credentials.

    If you did this would it mess up your ability to use a master login with WF to switch between your different sets of accounts?

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