No Known Issues...Really?

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These are just two examples that have had open discussions closed…yet the issues still exist.

Two billers I can't add, maybe someday. I hope it's not years like some others.


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    "We're working on linking" means it's not yet supported if I remember right. A good question might be why are they in the list of available billers if they're not supported. I don't have an answer, unfortunately, but maybe a coach could find out.

    As per why discussions get closed, that's what happens when they go a long time (60 days?) without activity, which forces someone with a new issue to start with a new post. However, I do find it a little funny that "Rocket Mortage by __Quicken__ Loans" is not available on "Quicken Simplifi" especially when i see on the bottom of this page that "Quicken is a trademark of Rocket Mortgage, LLC used under license"

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    Good catch @RobWilk , Interesting why that disclaimer is there. I find it interesting because I have a Rocket Mortgage that I get a free subscription to Rocket Money, who by the way links to Rocket Mortgage just fine.

    Per Bard:

    Does Quicken Inc own Rocket Mortgage?

    No, Rocket Mortgage is not owned by Quicken Inc. However, it is part of Rocket Companies, a financial services holding company that also owns Quicken Inc. Rocket Companies was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. The company is one of the largest mortgage lenders in the United States.

    Here is a summary of the ownership structure of Rocket Mortgage and Quicken Inc.:

    • Rocket Companies is a financial services holding company that owns several subsidiaries, including Rocket Mortgage and Quicken Inc.
    • Rocket Mortgage is a mortgage lender that is owned by Rocket Companies.
    • Quicken Inc. is a financial software company that is owned by Rocket Companies.

    In 2022, Rocket Companies rebranded Quicken Loans to Rocket Mortgage. As a result, the two companies are now more closely integrated and share the same branding. However, they remain separate legal entities with distinct product offerings.


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    Thanks @Philk, I didn’t know that about Rocket Companies.

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    I have the same question. I searched for Geico, Xfinity, and Mint Mobile in the recurring bill, connect to biller section. I got the "We're working on linking" after finding all three billers on the list. The only bill that connected successfully was AAA.

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