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The navigation scheme on Simplifi for Android feels very foreign. It feels like a desktop app was crammed into mobile without consideration of the customary UI/UX. Reports, as some of the most digestible forms of data, are hidden between multiple clicks in pop up menus. Nearly every other app in this category provides static or customizable bottom bar navigation. Phones aren't small and hiding so much of the app behind that tiny hamburger touch target in the top left is a real usability grind. Just my two cents as a recent Mint refugee.



  • Coach Natalie
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    @kollock, thanks for sharing your feedback with the Community!

    To clarify, are you having a hard time navigating the app because of needing to select the hamburger menu, or do you just prefer to have the navigation menu on the bottom instead of the side? If the former, we have recently added the ability to pull out the menu from any screen by swiping from the left side, as outlined here. Does this help with what you're looking for?

    If the latter, would you mind providing more details as to what the bottom navigation menu/bar would look like? Once we have a clear picture of what you're looking for, we can turn this post into an Idea post so other users can vote on it.

    -Coach Natalie

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