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Would it be possible to allow the user to adjust how the Accounts are displayed in the Dashboard sidebar? I really hate seeing my bank accounts split into checking in one part and savings in another. Also, it's just so cluttered for a person that doesn't have a million accounts to have the tree structure (i.e. Liabilities→Home→Mortgage and Investments→Brokerage→Individual TOD. It'd be great to be able to have some control on how to nest the accounts.



  • Flyfisher

    It would be helpful to be able to create a second subcategory. For example :

    < college

    < (subcategory from college) tuition

    <(subcategory from college) room

    Also in the transactions page can you give the option to use long categories? This is helpful if you are tracking expenditures for multiple family members (John, Jane, Timmy). For example, now it just says “personal care” as the category no matter who that category is assigned to. It would be more useful if it showed the full category. John<personal care or Jane<personal care, not just personal care.

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    @CapnWillP Rob has pointed you to a feature request to add this ability. It's worth adding your vote to a feature request to keep it actively in front of the Q-Simplifi team.

    My personal thoughts on the current order for what it's worth. I actually appreciate the default listing of accounts. The logic in my mind is that my checking account(s) and my credit card account(s) are the accounts are my active spending accounts. I like to think of my checking account and credit card accounts as "pay-before-you-play" (checking which requires that I have cash in the account before I can spend it) and "play-now-pay-latter" (credit cards that spend before I deposit any cash, kind of an arrears account).

    Listing my savings accounts after my checking and CCs makes sense for me since these are holding or parking accounts for long term planning and spending. The funds I move into these accounts is not intended for daily use and having these accounts helps emphasize for me the holding or long term nature of these funds.

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