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Really enjoy the watchlist feature as I have many categories and like to consolidate their spending, against target, under overall fixed and variable spending buckets. A few things that would make the experience even better in the app:

  1. Bring in the monthly spending plan target for each category as a summed metric. I have to sum my category targets manually and set the target for the overall watchlist myself (not the biggest deal as it's just a once a year thing).
  2. If I include return/credit transactions in my expense categories, the watchlist will show the overall spend number but fail to show if it's a total positive expense (majority returns/credits) or true expense (majority actual expenses). Leading me to manually sum transactions which defeats the purpose of the summarized info for grouped categories.
  3. I would love to have prior month spending watchlists in the same summary format as current spending watchlist format. Unfortunately i can only see a rounded total of expense for prior months in each watchlist and the individual transactions. Would be great to at least have the prior month's spending not be a rounded total and show to the penny instead.

Thank you!



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