New Feature Requests for Quicken Simplifi

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Hi, I have been a Quicken Desktop user for over 10 years, but recently started Quicken Simplifi.

I would like to request a few enhancements to the platform:

  1. Assign payee rules for manual entries - when I create a transaction and select a Payee, the category should be auto populated.
  2. Ability to modify dashboard tiles - for example, I don't want to see Investments, Achievements.
  3. On the dashboard tabs, when I have created a Saving goals, it should not create another box requesting to create another goal
  4. On the Accounts bar on the left, we should be allowed to hide the "Investments", "Assets" and "Liabilities" accounts, as I don't use them
  5. Hide the "Investments" option on the left side of the bar, since I don't use it for Investments tracking

Thank you.


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