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I am extremely disappointed with the quality of the programming behind Simplifi. It's an application that I rely on and enjoy using, that is when it works. Earlier this month I spent a bunch of hours trying to get things to work and then I was told that there was a problem with the Spending Plan. Today I entered Pending Transactions, but the spending plan did not update. Instead of wasting time trying to troubleshoot it, I went straight to the chat. I was told, once again, that there is a known problem with the Spending Plan. I used to work in IT and we always did quality control to ensure our updates worked properly. This does not seem to be happening sufficiently. While it may be due to insufficient staffing, which would be very frustrating to those staff people, it still does not produce a professional application. I am very seriously considering switching to another app.

Given the frequency of the problems I think you should be implementing a notification system so that the users can see what the problems are when they log on. This will give us the information we need to use the application wisely and not waste our time. Once again, something other companies do but you don't.


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    The problem with modeling and testing the real world is that the real world is so darn difficult to model.

    Q-Simplifi is no more bug-ridden than any other professional software application, and considerably better than most others of its age.

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    @laurelmarie12, thanks for the feedback!

    -Coach Natalie

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