Mint refugee frustrated by Bill Connect and (lack of) connection to Bank of America and Citi

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After moving to Simplifi from Mint due to the Mint shutdown, I've been generally impressed by the Simplifi product and am happy to pay $4 a month to: not see ads, be using an actively developed product, and be able to get support from Quicken. Overall, I like the Simplifi product.

I am frustrated about the way that bill balances for my credit cards with Bank of America and Citibank don't show up though.

Here's what I expect to happen in Simplifi

  1. Set up an account under Settings > Accounts.
    1. Enter login/password, and optional MFA
  2. All transactions are automatically pulled from the credit card account, and show up under Transactions
    1. This part is currently working fine
  3. Periodically, the Simplifi system pulls the credit card bill / balance and that should automatically show up somewhere under Bills & Payments
    1. This worked great in Mint
    2. This part is NOT working in Simplifi
    3. At a minimum, I should be able to use the standard Bill Connect feature for my main credit card accounts. I am informed by Simplifi support that Bank of America and Citi are not supported for Bill Connect for my credit card balances / bills. This is SUPER frustrating.

Ideally though, I should NOT even have to click on a transaction, mark as recurring, and then connect a recurring transaction to a Biller, just to see my balances and bills for an account that I am already connected to (in Step 1). The Bill Connect feature seems very flexible, but overly complicated imho. The Mint system was superior to Simplifi in this regard, because it was super SIMPLE.

Maybe just configure a default behavior where Bill Connect is automatically set up to auto update the Bill with the full credit card statement balance and the updated due date? Then, if people want "non standard" behavior of showing minimum due (instead of full balance) or to not auto update the due date, then they would need to click around and edit the settings. This would "SIMPLIFY" the experience of setting up a credit card account where we'd automatically see the credit card balance and due date in the right places in Simplifi without having to go through all the Bill Connect steps.



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