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Quicken Community navigation is very hard to use on the mobile app. If you are in Community and hit the logical back button (top left corner) or bottom back button on most phones, this takes you back to the Simplifi app. If you were posting in Community or doing research you completely lose where you were when you hit the back button. You have to start all over trying to get back where you were in Community. This is quite frustrating. The only way to navigate is by using the "Navigation Bar" (enclosed) but this is not very intuitive. The back buttons are how people navigate in apps. Please look into making this a better experience. Thx!


  • UrsulaA
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    As a workaround, access the community via the URL below in your mobile browser while the Simplifi app is open separately.


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  • Marky D
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    I appreciate the feedback and workaround, but this needs to be addressed IMO. Apps should be self contained, one-stop. I can't imagine others who use Community don't have the same challenge. The back button is a reflex and a habit. Please address.

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