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I created a refund in the refund tracker. When I received the refund in my bank statement and it appeared in my transaction list I linked the transaction to the refund with no issue.


Next day I log in to Simplifi and the I notice it says the "Refund" is Past due and no longer has a transaction linked to it.

Linking Refund to Transaction

I click the three dots on the refund and click link to transaction. I update the dropdown on the top right to all accounts. The transaction is no where to be found in this list.

Linking Transaction to Refund

I search through my transaction list and the transaction is nowhere to be found. I go to the Spending Plan into the category I categorized the transaction and the transaction is appearing there. Additionally, it is also appearing under Reports for the month the transaction occurred in. Although now the transaction is no longer linked to the refund. I open the Transaction and click "Mark Received". The refund does show in the list of refunds I can tie it to. I click the refund and then Simplifi says "An error occurred. Please try again. Send Feedback".

Additionally, I should add this happened to me yesterday as well. I thought to delete the refund and make a new one; however, this deleted the transaction with it and I had to recreate a manual transaction to replace the deleted one.

Below is all the transactions in December returned for the amount of 270 only two.

Below is in my spending plan in the appropriate category the 270 transaction appearing.

Below is after I click mark received on that transaction.

Below is the error that pops up after trying to relink it to the refund that it used to be linked to.

Below is the transaction appearing in the report for the month of december.


  • Coach Natalie
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    @yjustin7, thanks for reaching out to the Community regarding this issue!

    To clarify, is the transaction you're attempting to link to the Refund now manually entered (what it sounds like), or did it download from the bank? If the former, you shouldn't have the option to link a manual transaction to a Refund, which may be what's causing the error. I tested this in my own Quicken Simplifi and I only saw the option to create a Refund to track from a manual transaction; no linking option is available.

    With that, can you try signing out and back in to see if that manual transaction still shows the option to mark a Refund as received? If so, can you also try from a different browser or in incognito/private mode?

    Please let us know how it goes!

    -Coach Natalie

  • yjustin7
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    Hi Natalie the transactions I am trying to link are not manual transactions. They were downloaded from my bank before being linked to the refund. Although I can see looking at the screenshot and confirming by drilling into the transaction again that now they do not have the "Appears on your x statement as y on z" at the top of the detail. Could this have something to do with it?

    I have two other transactions where this has happened. One of them also does not show the the statement stating it appears on a statement.

    The third transaction is actually nowhere to be found. I wish I could provide more detail on this, but I am just realizing I can't find it.

    To confirm the steps on how this occurred:

    1. Refund created.
    2. Transaction downloaded from bank.
    3. I linked the transaction and refund together.
    4. Next day, this is when what was listed out above happened.

    Now that I am thinking back I think I may have marked these transactions as refunded when the transactions were still pending. I am wondering once the transactions cleared from the bank if something could have happened?


    1 Original Transaction

    2 Second Transaction

    3 Normal Refunded Transaction

  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin

    @yjustin7, thanks for posting back with additional details!

    Yes, the lack of "Appears on your statement as…" info in your screenshots makes it appear that the transactions were manually entered, so it's weird that you have the option to mark a Refund as received. To clarify, is this the only two transactions the issue occurred with? If so, I'm wondering if you experienced a one-off glitch with these particular transactions.

    Since the Refunds in question have passed, you might consider just deleting the Refund Reminders instead of linking them. This would not impact any area of the program other than your list of 'Completed' Refunds and would provide you with an immediate solution. Otherwise, we would need to look at this as a dataset-specific bug and gather specific details and logs from you, and I'm not sure how long it would take for them to resolve it or what the solution would be.

    We look forward to your reply!

    -Coach Natalie

  • yjustin7
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    I went ahead and deleted the reminders, but I want to reiterate that doing so deletes the transaction from the locations where it was appearing.


    1. Delete Reminder
    2. Check Spending Plan category where transaction was appearing - Gone
    3. Check Report where transaction was appearing - Gone


    1. Create a manual transaction with the details of the previously synced transaction.

    Doing so I now no longer have this specific issue; however, I have a feeling it results from linking a Refund to a Transaction that is in a Pending status or something similar. Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you for your time!

  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin

    @yjustin7, please keep an eye on this and let us know if it happens again. Try to nail down a pattern, such as if it's when linking to a pending transaction, etc.


    -Coach Natalie

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