Web Releases 3.94.0 & 3.94.1

Coach Natalie
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Hello All,

Here are the issues and features we were able to tackle with the 3.94.0 & 3.94.1 Web Releases:

  • FIXED: The line in the Projected Cash Flow graph is going off the chart in the 'Next 2 months' view.
  • FIXED: Accounts List collapse arrows aren't visible until hovering over the navigation menu.
  • FIXED: Unable to clear Recurring Transaction End Dates without using a workaround (an 'X' was added to the field).
  • FIXED: When the Income Report is broken down 'By Category', expense transactions using an Income Category are missing their color on the bar graph.
  • FIXED: Visual misrepresentation in the bar graph of the Income Report's 'Total' view when broken down 'By Category' and negative income is present.
  • FIXED: MFA modals for adding/updating accounts are missing the SMS option.
  • FIXED: UI issue with the 'Link to Existing Recurring' modal.
  • FIXED: Able to make a Parent Category a Subcategory of itself.
  • FIXED: Savings and Net Worth Report history shows "$0" during times when accounts did not exist when they should show "Null".
  • FIXED: The 'Delete Reminder' button has the wrong background color.
  • FIXED: The End Date placeholder text for Recurring Transactions is incorrect.
  • FIXED: Selecting transactions is no longer displaying the number of transactions selected or the sum of the transactions selected.
  • FIXED: Page crashes when pasting more than 520 symbols into the Notes field.
  • FIXED: Date Picker calendars start on Monday instead of Sunday.
  • FIXED: Various errors and crashes.
  • UPDATED: The new visibility icons were added to the Bills & Income section of the Spending Plan.
  • UPDATED: Removed the 5-year date range limit for Reports.
  • UPDATED: UI changes made to the 'Reviewed' checkmark in Transaction Activity registers.

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Thank you!

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