Customizable Columns in Watchlists [edited]

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When you're viewing the transactions in a spending watch list the tags column is present but not the notes/memo field.

I record the items I bought in the notes field. When I look at the spending watch list for my allowance I want to know what I bought as I skim the list. But I'm forced to open each item individually to inspect the note. This is cumbersome and not practical.

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  • GrantSimplifi

    Adding my upvote for this request.
    I would like to be able to add the Reviewed Column to a Watchlist like you can in the transactions page mentioned in the article below:

    I rely on this feature to monitor transactions and it would be great to see it in the Watchlist area if possible. As of now I think I can only tell if a transaction is Reviewed if I click on each individual transaction.

    Note: this is regarding the desktop/web app. You can view the Reviewed (green checkmark) in the iOS App which is great, however I use the desktop version as well.


  • RobWilk
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    Wow, after nearly 4 years, a comment on this thread!

    I agree, customizable columns should be everywhere a register is shown.

    [edit: Added my vote]

    Rob Wilkens