Looking at all transactions in a single report

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I’m a Mint exile and wanted to look at all my transactions in one place. Currently Simplifi has one place (transactions tab on left) for looking at banking transactions. And to look at Investment transactions you have to go to investments, then select Transactions at the top. You get a separate list of Investment only transactions. Plus you can’t download these Investment transactions.

I was told in chat and over the phone that there was no way to look at all transactions (both Banking and Investment) in one place. But I think I’ve “discovered” that there is.

If you go to the Reports tab (on the left side) at the top there is a Spending link (defaults to that). Under the pie chart there is a list of transactions. That list contains all my transactions (Banking and Investment) and lets me look at the detailed transaction (through the 3 dot option on the right) and code it. Plus, it looks like I can download all these transactions (both Banking and Investment). The only hitch is you have to switch the default “Exclude from Spending Report” to all these Investment transactions to be included in the Spending transaction report.

I suspect there are many users like me who want the convenience of seeing and operating on all their transactions in one place and being able to download them. Hope this helps those users. But maybe I’m missing something?



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