Spending Plan broken?

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I am seeing drastically different values from the Spending Plan in mobile app Vs. web app dashboard widget Vs. web app spending plan.

This appears to have appeared with the latest update (3.95.1) as this was not an issue earlier this week. To further reinforce my belief that it is the latest version, when I saw this issue in Safari, i refreshed in Chrome. And the spending plan briefly was correct until then Chrome also started showing the same incorrect values as Safari after a couple of minutes (i suspect that this is because the web app "upgraded" to the latest version).

Things I've tried to resolve:

  • Happening with multiple browsers (Safari, Chrome)
  • Have logged out and back in
  • This issue is happening when logged in Incognito mode
  • Tried to disable Early Access but unable to do so — I only get a "spinning toggle button"ZX



  • MrGood
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    @Simplfi — I consulted with a Coach on the help chat this morning. The issue has been confirmed and a ticket has been logged with the Tier 2 support team to investigate further.

  • MrGood
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    With the latest updates to the mobile app, that one now has incorrect values. Based on some additional troubleshooting, I suspect the issue is with how Simplifi treats "transfers" occurring within split transactions.

    For example, now my "Other Spend" does not exclude the total amount of the original transaction in the overall calculations.

  • Coach Natalie
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    @MrGood, thanks for the update!

    Since you already reported this issue to Chat Support and they've submitted it for an escalation review, I'd suggest reaching back out on the original chat to share your update with them so they can update the ticket accordingly.

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

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