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This transaction from Purina is labeled as "P4p 888 - 777 - 1762 888 - 777 - 1762 Mo". I have a rule set to rename this to "Purina 4 Professionals Pet Food" but it is not working. The transaction has already posted and is no longer pending. The rename rules are set to look for "P4p" or "Purina"… why did this rule not work? It also didn't tag it into the proper category…..

This is the first rule error I've noticed… but I'm sure there might be more.

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    Since it downloads as P4p 888 - 777 - 1762 888 - 777 - 1762 Mo , you’ll want to get rid of the Purina portion of your rule. Then it should be recognized. That area of the rule starts reading left to right and tries to match up to what is downloaded. Said another way, your rule was expecting that it would download as “p4p purina” not “p4p 888…”. You could replace purina with “888” if you’d wish.

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    That worked, thanks. Makes the rules even less powerful if we can't set the keywords to do AND/OR Boolean operators to rename transactions. I guess I assumed it was using each keyword as a separate search and not as a string.

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