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When splitting transactions, it would be nice to be able to add notes about that split, just like you can in non-split transactions. Adding "Tags" is nice, but I find "Notes" more useful than "Tags".

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  • Coach Tappan
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    @jimholmes3012 I understand what you mean. Once you select the transaction and click on the pencil icon to edit it, you can add notes for the entire transaction, but not a "memo" note for each part of the split. Great suggestion!

  • TheNigerianPrince
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    It's been a year but I want to add my voice to this. I'm hoping to fully migrate for YNAB and this is how I enter my transactions. For example a trip to Walmart usually involves buying more than just groceries, so I split the transaction, list the groceries in the notes for the grocery split, and do the same for the other items.


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    Full disclosure, apparently, I love split transactions and hyper details categories!  That said, please consider adding a note / memo field to this level of the split transactions so I can note when some specific line is something I don't have a detailed category for (i.e. this was a Pillow and I don't have a pillow category...imagine that).

    Thanks for the consideration.
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  • Upvote on adding notes for split transactions.  It's my first day using Simplifi, so I'm not sure where else notes are used in reporting and what the implications of adding extra notes, but I would be happy with a "Memo" area for split transactions that are only viewable in the transaction log.
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    Another reason to treat split transactions as separate transactions, even if housed within a single transactions in Simplifi. It would be GREAT if each "split" could have it's own memo (in addition to category and tag), and that all that data was preserved when exported. As is, much of the data contained in Simplifi for split transactions is omitted when transactions are exported.
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    I think it would be very helpful to allow a note to be entered for each category in a split transaction.

    Sometimes I like to make notes of what I purchased in the Note field. When splits are involved I am forced to enter everything in the Note field for the entire transaction.

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    Absolutely agree that each line of a split needs it's own note field.  Until that occurs, this is a way I've found to handle it which sorta works.

    Split #1 Category:  Groceries
    Split #2 Category:  Clothing
    Split #3 Category:  Kitchen

    In the single, shared note field, I type: "Muffins / Kids Boots / Tumbler"

    While not ideal, it does make it easier to remember what each one was for with a little extra scrolling up and down.

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  • FinTechMan
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    Currently comments can only be put on the transaction level. I would like to be able to comment on a single split level. I do use tags but comments in a more free form would be helpful.

  • gdwaldon
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    I would like a note for each split transaction line so I know what it is for. The overall one is pretty useless especially when entering Amazon purchases which are in one total amount with multiple items purchased. There is no way to identify what each purchase is.

  • To be honest, and I don't mean this as a dig on anyone on the development team, but why would you NOT make the columns customizable on every screen where transactions exist so the end user can maintain continuity throughout all the Simplfi features?

    Enthusiastic upvote!

    Also it has been 4 years since this was brought up. Why has it not changed yet? Even for those who would not use this feature, it does not hurt to have it as an option.

  • Chooch327
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    Leaving an upvote for this as well. Converting from Mint due to the recent shutdown, and this is a make-or-break feature for me. Thanks!

  • Jack74
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    Ability to add individual separate notes to each split category within the transaction is important to those who prepare reports from Simplifi files that are exported into CSV files.

  • dsfreddy
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    Upvoting this. Not because I use notes much. But because this is another example of the problem with Simplifi's implementation of transaction splitting. This should be considered a vote to fix a buggy implementation, not an enhancement. And the problem has been around for years.

  • jindigo
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    Good to see that many before me find this a dealbreaker, migrated from Mint and trying out [removed] atm, it's boiled down to this or [removed]. [removed] has this view. Simplifi's interface would be better served if these notes could be added per split and also be able to see the splits when scrolling through overall transactions.

  • Coming from Mint, this is a crucial lacking feature that could potentially be a deciding factor in choosing another budgeting system.

  • Calusawillp
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    Ability to have notes field for each split in a split transaction

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    Your idea already has 68 votes (already exists) scroll to the top of this post and vote here:

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    Rob Wilkens

  • Max1223
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    I’d like this feature as well. Here is a workaround. Create two or how ever manual transactions to represent the splits. Then delete the downloaded transaction. This is not ideal, but if you must have it, then this would work.

    I’m starting to find that Simplifi requires work arounds to get results that other products like Mint provided. Simplifi is really close and works well in many ways, but also falls short on what seems to be simple and basic, but important features.

  • Not being able to add separate notes to split transactions is a SHOW STOPPER coming from Mint.
    This was a basic feature and one that allowed me to accurately manage and track my expenses. Not having it is going to force me to split up orders at the grocery store, on Amazon, at Costco, at the fabric store (by project), etc. - just to keep track of my expenses! This is a nightmare! Huge step backward - for a steep price. I am actively looking for an alternative - despite being 10+ hours into the migration to Simplifi from MINT.

    Ultimately- if you can’t NOTE each transaction, then don’t advertise that you can SPLIT it!

  • kenlefeb
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    This conversation has been running for a very long time: are there any updates on any plans to implement this?

  • DavidB
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    Totally agree and I added my vote

  • Mark23
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    Yes we need to add a not for each split not just one for the whole split

  • Calusawillp
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    When you split a transaction have a separate note for each split

  • Max1223
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    Please upvote if want this feature and havent already voted.