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I don't really need all the bells and whistles of any budgeting app including Simplifi . All I want is the following:

  1. Web and phone app
  2. Primarily display the budget I create with the current status of that budget based on the transactions so I know if I can spend money on the go.
  3. List of transactions to ensure they are accurate and properly categorized.

All the other features are gravy but I need the "mashed potatoes" above, before adding the gravy.


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    For your inquiries

    • Simplifi has both a web and phone app
    • Do you want to see actual versus target for all categories budgeted, including categorized bills?

    If so, create a spending watchlist to see your spending with the target to know how you are doing. I have a planned spending plus bills watchlist that is helpful with this item.

    • Or do you want to see how much you have left to spend in a given month?

    The available to spend number lets you know if you can afford additional expenses. Positive means funds available, overspent means no funds available.

    • Simplifi meets this - This part is dependent on your bank connections working well with Simplifi. Using rules to categorize commonly occurring payees helps. I get a Zelle payment monthly, which Simplifi categorizes as a transfer by default. I created a rule based on words on the original statement that correctly changes the payee and categorizes the transfer as income.

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    Really, #3 is on you to keep accurate regardless of what software you select. That said, the one thing that I LOVE about Simplifi is that if you're missing a transaction here or there or something isn't quite right for some random reason, it doesn't really matter - sure, it might drive you nuts from an OCD standpoint. It won't affect the current bank balance $. As long as your bank is synced, all your transactions should all be there, but life happens: kid find your laptop on and unlocked and changes $43.52 to $43.57 or $43.fsdfwewe, you fall asleep while doing data entry and click the delete button by accident, etc.

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