Monthly Summary Wrong Top Payee & Top Category vs Reports

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The monthly summary lists of Top Payees & Top Categories differs from running the spending report for the same time preiod. The monthly summary is completely missing the highest payee & highest category compared with the report. Should these not match?


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    As a user like you, I did a quick check on this. The monthly report excludes bills and subscriptions on the list of payees, hence it will not match the reports. In my case, rent is a bill and the payee for it is not listed on the monthly report. This is expected given the "Your spending excluding bills and subscriptions" title.

    The totals at the top for income and expenses match the reports for me.

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  • zeroskatr512

    Oh my I completely forgot about that even though it says right there.☺️
    When I switched from Mint I must not have had all the bills setup, as I was pretty sure it was on the previous report.
    Now that I have all the bills registered properly, it didn't occur that it would no longer show up on the summary.
    I think we are good here.

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