Unable to connect to Barclays as a Biller

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  • grey
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    This is insane. Chase, Bank of America and Barclays do not work when attempting to link for billing information. And you expect to charge for this service? It was AUTOMATIC in MINT. What is the problem working with these other LARGE banks? The bill link even shows Barclaycardus.com as an option but the same credentials for their transactions DON'T WORK for billing info. Get it FIXED.

  • Coach Natalie
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    @grey, thanks for sharing your feedback with the Community!

    I went ahead and split this into a new discussion for Barclays so we can do some troubleshooting. When viewing your connection attempts from our end, it looks like you're receiving a "ProofsInvalid" error with Barclaycard, which indicates that invalid credentials are being used when attempting to connect to the Biller in Quicken Simplifi.

    Please give these steps a try and let us know how it goes:

    1. Verify the biller being selected -- There may be several different versions of the same biller in the list, so be sure you're selecting the correct one. If you're not sure, compare the URLs shown for each biller.
    2. Verify your login information – Type your password/PIN into a text application to ensure you don’t have any typographical errors. Then, copy and paste your login information into Quicken Simplifi to ensure accuracy.
    3. Verify your login at the biller’s website – Try to sign in to the biller’s website using the same login credentials to ensure you've not locked yourself out of the account and that the credentials are still valid.
    4. Update your credentials – Try temporarily updating your password at your biller's website and then try again to connect to Quicken Simplifi. We recommend NOT using the following special characters: & < > / \.

    We look forward to your reply!

    -Coach Natalie

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