Mobile App: Incorrect Spending shown for Planned Spending in past 6 months when created from Web app

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Got a tricky one this time, but I have reproduced it, so bear with me.

OS: Android 13
Mobile app: 4.17.3
Device: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

OS: Android 13
Web App: 3.98.0
Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7+


On the Web App, I created a Planned Spending item for the Coffee Shops category for $50 a month, and renamed it to Brickside. (This is the edit screen, but it looks identical except for the title bar text)

The suggested amount didn't seem right to me, so I clicked on the card in the Web App, and saw this

Later, I wasn't at my desktop, so I used my phone and the mobile app to view the item. Looking back at the last six months was...alarming :)

On both the Web and Mobile apps, the Reports section shows the correct amount when I filter on Coffee Shops for the last 6 months

As I said, I have produced identical results three times. I haven't tried this with other categories, but I have tried some interesting variations on this category - specifically, I created the planned spending item without renaming it, and I found that in this case the web and mobile were in agreement at the $6 average.

Soooo, to make a long story longer, it appears that:

  • In at least some cases, the mobile app isn't filtering the monthly average correctly, specifically when it's created on the web and a rename is used.
  • Neither app seems to total the correct amount (I regularly spend $10-$13 on coffee shops a week)

I wonder if there's at least a partical clue about what's going on by noting that the details for the web app specifically include "Spending in category: Coffee Shops" - but the mobile app just says "Spending in Category:" At a rough guess, it does appear that the thousands on the mobile history of spending seems to include almost all of my spending for each month (I actually spent a little over $10000 in Nov total because I bought a new car, but $9000 is pretty close).

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  • Coach Natalie
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    @ajbopp, thanks for reaching out!

    Since no other users have commented on this, it doesn't seem that the issue is widespread. Since it sounds like the issue is just occurring on the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App, have you tried an uninstall/reinstall? Also, have you tried deleting and recreating the Planned Spending expense from the Mobile App directly?

    If the trouble persists, I'd suggest contacting our Support Team directly for more advanced troubleshooting and to have the behavior reviewed for escalation:

    Let us know how it goes!

    -Coach Natalie

  • ajbopp
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    the trouble persists, but it doesn't surprise me that it isn't widespread. The described workflow is the only one that produces the issue that I've found. I doubt many people are doing this on a regular or even irregular basis. But the degree to which the data is incorrect suggestsuggests it should be given a ranking of high severity if not high priority.

    Anthony Bopp
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    Money talks. But all my paycheck ever says is goodbye

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