New Feature Alert: Custom Frequencies for Recurring Transactions and Splits Redesign!

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πŸŽ‰ We are so excited to announce two new features in Quicken Simplifi πŸŽ‰ β€” Custom Frequencies for Recurring Transactions and a redesign to Splits! Both of these features are currently available in Early Access, and they are available on both the Web and Mobile Apps*.

Custom Frequencies

With the new Custom Frequencies for Recurring Transactions, you have complete control over your Reminder dates! We've added tons of frequency options, such as 'Every X days', Every X weeks', etc., and have even added 'One-time payment' and 'Multiple fixed dates' options.

Once your frequency is selected, you'll be able to narrow things down by selecting specific days of the week or days of the month, and you'll have options like the "3rd Wednesday of each month" or the ability to set specific fixed dates. You can even see the next 6 Reminders in the Series to make sure everything was set up properly! Super cool!!

Splits Redesign

The splits redesign added a lot of functionality to the splits process! Not only did it fix the issue where splitting a transaction three ways caused a fourth line to be added, but you'll also see some additional features, including the ability to divide the total amount of the transaction evenly between your split lines.

When you select to split a transaction, you'll see a brand new screen to do so. This new screen outlines splits in an easy-to-understand format, with the total amount of the transaction located at the very top, as well as a "left to split" amount, which makes calculating and performing splits much more efficient!

We hope everybody loves these new features, and we'd love to hear your feedback! Please navigate to the following feedback posts to let us know exactly what you think!

Custom Frequencies:

Splits Redesign:

*The Custom Frequency options won't be available on the Android Mobile App until the Play Store approves the 4.18.0 release.

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