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In the help page , it says "The Payee and Category of the transaction will also be updated to match the details of the Reminder.". I've noticed this occuring too and was confused by this behavior. Does anyone know why the Payee Name has to be changed for a transaction to be linked to a series and if there's a way to make Simplifi not do this? I don't know what the benefit is of doing that, but I want to preserve the original payee's name, unless i created a payee renaming rule. For example, I don't want my bill from t-mobile for internet to be renamed to "Internet" because that's the name of the series. Especially, if I've changed providers and then can no longer tell from looking at my "Internet" category transactions list (without looking at each transaction detail) which biller a transaction came from, because they all just say "Internet" instead of "t-mobile" or "comcast".

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    @billstidham, thanks for posting!

    Although I'm not sure why the transaction is updated with the details of the Reminder, I'd suggest naming your Recurring Transactions using the Payee instead of the Category. For example, my internet bill is called "Centurylink" and then uses the Category of 'Internet'; my utilities all use the name of the company and then the applicable Category.

    Here are some examples:

    If you want to see the ability to disable the renaming when linking a transaction to a Reminder, I'd suggest creating an Idea post so other users can vote on it and our product team can review it:

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

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