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If I transfer funds between two accounts being managed thru Simplifi, I see the transaction in account A as a withdrawl and the transaction in account B as a deposit. If I tag the deposit-side of the transaction because I want to track something within account B, the linked end of the transaction on account A also gets the same tag. If I remove the tag from the transaction in account A, the tag on the other end of the transaction in account B is removed.

How do I just keep a tag associated with a single side of the transaction?

I am trying to use a watch list for specific transactions (income and expenses) and tags is the most ideal way of doing that, or so I have found. But not being able to tag just a single side of the transfer transaction is problematic and throws off the watch list.


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    @wphenry There currently is not a way to do what you're asking. I tested a couple of alternative thoughts I had, but they didn't work for this purpose either.

    You might consider creating an idea post around this so that other people can vote on it and communicate their support for the idea to the product team.

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