I try to bought a subscription for Simplifi and i receive this information

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It seems that you are experiencing issues with the subscription purchase due to the website asking for a zip code instead of a postal code, and having difficulties with PayPal. Unfortunately, Simplifi currently only supports customers in the United States and does not accept Canadian postal codes. This is likely the reason you are encountering these issues. As of now, there is no support for customers outside of the US, and there are no immediate plans to expand support to other countries.


Can Canadians use Simplifi? (Using manual import) — Simplifi


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    I recommend contacting support by login to the help site and then opening a chat with support. Instructions below. Hope someone can help. I understand your frustration as a fellow user.


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    @famille kane, thanks for posting to the Community!

    It looks like you may have received some inaccurate information from the bot (Fin) when reaching out to Support, so I have requested that the response be updated, as we do have support for Canada now. I believe that you may have to sign up through the App Store in Canada, though. We don't have an official Canadian version, the app is just available in the Canadian App Stores, and we've added support for some Canadian banks.

    Can you give this a try from your phone's App Store and let us know how it goes, please?

    -Coach Natalie

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